About Mullangi Narayana Setty Lalithamma Charitable Society

Sri. Mullangi Narayana Setty and Smt. Lalithamma are the residents of Chinnamandem, a Mandal headquarters in Rayachoti Taluk, Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh. They were blessed with 4 Sons and 2 Daughters. Sri. Narayana Setty was a small business man and agriculturist with meagre income. He was an honest person with kind heart as reflected in his business dealings and relationship with natives and farmers. Though uneducated, he had a vision in understanding people and their lives. Scores of people from the surrounding villages and Chinnamandem used to come to him for financial help, settling their disputes, family problems, grievances and as a gentleman and judge solved many issues and helped the society. He was president of Sri. Kanyakaparameswari Devasthanam for a number of years and contributed a lot to its development. He was commonly called by the villagers and residents of Chinnamandem as Showkar, not by virtue of properties but by virtue of his good deeds, honesty, philanthropy, help to the Poor Community and elderliness.

Smt. Lalithamma was a kind hearted lady and immersed all her children and grandchildren in the ocean of love and affection. They brought up their children, gave the maximum education, performed marriages, sheltered grand children in initial stages. In the year 1991 Sri. Narayana Setty and in the year 2012 Smt. Lalithamma left to the eternal world leaving the children in sad demise.

On the day of Smt. Lalithamma’s demise, almost all the progeny, especially grandchildren whole heartedly expressed their desire to start a Charitable Trust in the memory of the great grandparents. The aim in broad sense is to serve the poor and needy people especially for health, education, shelter or clothing i.e., “collectively to make difference" in some one’s life.

Thus Mullangi Narayana Setty Lalithamma Charitable Society had come into existence in the year 2012.